MIRACLE: »Migrants and Refugees – A Challenge for Learning in European Schools«

MIRACLE is a Comenius multilateral project funded by the European Commission with 395.000€. It started in December 2009 and will last two years time. Representatives from different institutions in six European countries are collaborating in the MIRACLE project.

The consortium will develop 1) a teacher training course focused on cultivating political-intercultural competence among teachers in elementary schools and 2) teaching/learning material for elementary school pupils of varying levels. The main aim of the project is to enable pupils with migration background of realising a more successful school career. Their learning motivation will be increased by two strategies:

  • The development of teaching and learning material for pupils with and without migration background in which the portrayal of such students is not homogenized or limited to stereotypical images.
  • The sensitization of teachers to their own possible prejudices through participation in a teacher training course. The result being that through awareness of one’s own prejudices, the teachers will be able to persuasively incorporate the principles of political-intercultural education in the classroom, leading to a reduction in unconscious discrimination.

In order to formulate concrete training needs and modules for the teachers as well as for the development of teaching and learning material, the project will begin with the execution of a detailed Needs Analysis. The results of the study (the needs of both teachers and pupils) will be summarized in a comparative report. From this analysis, teaching and learning material can be tailored to meet the needs of the pupils and the content of the teacher training modules can be made to address the needs of the teachers.

Possible content of the modules are:

  • Self-Reflection: Anti-Bias and Betzavta
  • School Organisational Structure: modification of school structure in order to reduce structural discrimination
  • EU-Refugee/Migration Policy: interests of the different actors in relation to education
  • Presentation of learning material for pupils of varying levels regarding: flight and migration, social justice, approaches to the concept of “European citizenship”, active- and problem-centered learning

Further aspects of the MIRACLE project will be:

  • An internal forum where partners can give and receive support and feedback to each other’s material.
  • The presence of an external evaluator who will review the quality of the modules as well as the teaching/learning material after the trial run-throughs. This evaluation will aid in the preparation of modified and improved versions of the material.
  • Publications describing the MIRACLE project and material in journals and newspapers
  • A course manual (in German, English, Italian, Slovenian, and Hungarian) with final versions of the teacher training modules and the teaching/learning material
  • A five-day teacher training course for teachers offered via the Comenius-Database

Power point overview Miracle

MIRACLE progress report

Published on EACEA website, Dec. 2010

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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